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Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists UK Limited. (AAS), is an international innovator in the design and manufacture of solutions for longstanding problems in veterinary anaesthesia and critical care.

AAS has developed the Darvall brand of veterinary anaesthesia equipment and supplies including warming blankets, zero dead space (ZDS) breathing masks, veterinary laryngoscopes, and non-heated breathing circuits.  Coming soon to the UK Market … the world’s first HEATED breathing circuits.

To order products in the UK, contact Veterinary Instrumentation Tel: +44 114 2588530

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Darvall veterinary products represent the highest quality in veterinary anaesthesia equipment and supplies for veterinarians, veterinary anesthesiologists, and research scientists.  AAS also provides technical services, expertise, and continuing education for veterinarians around the world.

Founded by Dr. Colin Dunlop (formerly Head of Veterinary Anaesthesia at Colorado State University) the Advanced Anaesthesia Specialists team have extensive backgrounds in veterinary anaesthesia, engineering, animal safety, and technical services

AAS is a global operation headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in the UK, China and the USA.