Darvall Forced Warm Air Blankets

Darvall warm air blankets are designed for use on cats and dogs and have a porous patient contact surface resulting in low surface air flow.

The blankets are designed to be positioned around and underneath animals to permit the hair-coat to trap warm air. Recent research in dogs (average 17.3 kg, range 2.7 to 46 kg) anaesthetised for surgery showed a consistent increase in the body temperature to near normo- thermia prior to recovery (Lau et al, 2008). There are no reports of Darvall forced warm air heating causing an increase in post – surgical infection rates.

Features & Benefits:

  • Warm air permeates slowly through micro-fine fabric mesh (no local jets to cool patient or stir up dust and fur)
  • The only blankets proven to warm patients, rather than just slow their cooling
  • Faster anaesthesia recovery gives increased efficiency of nurse/technician’s time
  • No risk of burning patients
  • Maintains body temperature throughout recovery
  • Unique Cage Door Adapter (CDA) allows recovery cage warming with cage door closed for patient safety
  • Disposable; however, blanket position helps resist soiling and allows for multiple use
  • Quick and easy set up

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Darvall Forced Warm Air Blankets Product Range includes:

  • Surgery Under-Blankets
  • ICU Over-Blankets
  • Recovery Cage Blankets
  • Dentist-Surgery Blankets
  • Sample Blanket Pack
  • Variety of sizes available to accommodate a small cat to an extra-large dog or foal
  • PWS4000 Vet Cocoon Warm Air Heater


The Next Generation in Warm Air Blankets