IV Fluid Therapy

AAS and its Darvall range supplies a range of reliable and road tested products for simple and effective IV Fluid Therapy. The range of products include:

The Accumate Fluid Pump


- Pumps crystalloids & blood

- Flow rate 0.1 – 1000 (ml/hr)

- Select infusion rate (ml/hr)

- KVO rate at end-infusion


- No electronics in the door

-  Robust IV line guide path

- Bubble & occlusion sensors

- Accuracy +/- 5%

- Battery & mains power

- Simple to use – intuitive


Darvall IV Cage Support System

Darvall IV Pump Cage Door Mount

Darvall IV Pump Cage Door Mount

- Protects IV pumps from damage

- Convenient location near animal

- Sits on flat surfaces for easy storage

IV Fluid Pressure Bags

IV Pressure bag

A range of consumable pressure bags to suit a variety of situations

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